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Wayne C. Robinson, a 15 year sales and marketing veteran with Wyndham, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Villas Del Palmar and many other resorts in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean is sharing industry secrets that timeshare owners need to know.

I understand that this site is for personal use only, but I have information that I feel is crucial if timeshare owners want to know why they are so frustrated with their timeshares. I am writing this in my tell all book to be released on Amazon.

One of the best kept secrets is how easy it is for most timeshare owners to simply walk away from their timeshare without any legal or credit issues. Another best kept secret is that many timeshare companies, operate under brand names and do not own any timeshare. which is why members cannot get in.

If anyone want more information from me, feel free to contact me at my person email at

It is time that information such as this is presented to consumers before, during and after they buy a timeshare.


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